Books, polar bears, and the northern lights

Production Editor Erica Johnson joins us today to talk about one of her favorite recent Graphic Universe books. And also to talk about one of the nice things about living up north: the chance to see the northern lights every once in a while! There was a brighter than usual display last week in Central Minnesota. But no polar bears. We’re not THAT far north.

I love the way that words can describe and create visuals in your mind, but sometimes it can’t compare to the beauty of art. Take for example these spreads from our graphic novel Waluk:

A dream sequence and depiction of the Northern Lights with few words but powerful storytelling.

Waluk is the story of a young polar bear cub abandoned by his mother who must find a way to survive in the changing Arctic. He befriends an old bear Manitok who teaches him about hunting, the environment and human beings. It’s a beautiful story of friendship and survival.

You can find out more about Waluk on our website.

And if you’re on a quest to see the northern lights this year (like I am), good luck!