One of the Many Roles of a Photo Editor

Photo Editor Giliane Mansfeldt joins us today on the blog to share another glimpse into the daily workings of a photo editor here at LPG.

As a photo editor, one of my many roles is to find interesting and compelling photos to help the reader visualize a concept within a story. The concept may be as simple as a cat sitting near a tree or a dog running through a field. But then there are the times when the photo concept is so unique, that a photo editor needs to take on the role of a photographer to create the photo to match the concept. I recently had the chance to photograph the cover image of Lerner Publishing’s book Shadow of Doubt from our fun series the Robyn Hunter Mysteries. Here is the result of that photoshoot, in layout:

Robyn’s new substitute teacher Ms. Denholm is cool, pretty, and possibly the target of a stalker. When Denholm receives a threatening package, Robyn wonders who’s responsible. But Robyn has a mystery of her own to worry about. What’s with the muddled phone message she receives from her missing ex-boyfriend Nick? Should she try to forget him—or is the call a sign he still cares?

To find out more about this title and the entire Robyn Hunter series, please visit the Lerner Publishing website.