Lerner Invades Target Field; Twins Lose

Lerner employees were treated to a Twins day game last week. The Twins lost horribly, and I think it’s Amy Fitgerald’s fault because she’s bad luck. Or perhaps it was Martha’s fault, because she doesn’t know a thing about baseball and was unwittingly rooting for the A’s half of the game. Or maybe it’s because the Twins are bad. Whatever the reason, it was nice weather and we had a good time. For the record, I had a delicious Murray’s Steak Sandwich and Mug Root Beer. Publicist Katie O’Neel had an impressive amount of what I can only assume was Michelob Golden Light (I didn’t know they came in “bucket” size). Digital Editor Ashley did not eat ribs during this event. She ate nachos.

Martha & Ashley
Katie* & Amy
Programmer lady, Design lady, Yelling lady, Photo lady, and Wally Szczerbiak twerking with Miley Cirus’ foam finger.

*Katie did not consume a lot of beer or wear a beer helmet, despite the realistic-looking depiction. The cat is totes real, though.