Lerner Interactive Books Series Spotlight: Library Smarts

Lerner Interactive Books are amazing for tons of reasons, but here are the top two: 1. They help readers of all levels improve their literacy skills. 2. Readers are exposed to engaging and educational Lerner content! You may be aware of our iBooks, but are you aware of all of the great content they feature? This week’s spotlight is shining on the Library Smarts series.

An exploration of library skills, functions, manners, identifying basic parts of books, and understanding what we can use a library for as well as the basic parts of content, books, and the creators of those materials. This series covers the most basic of skills initially taught by media specialists who are just introducing young learners to the library and to library materials. The series’ goal is to help students navigate the information ocean in which they’ve just begun to swim. Areas of coverage include knowing how to find and use the library media center, what can be found at a library, who a librarian is and how he or she helps, library manners, identifying different types of materials, and how to properly handle those materials, whether checking out a book or an e-reader!

Do Your Research Interactive Book

Do Your Research  How can you find out things you don’t know? What is a just-right question? What are sources? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this book about how to find, gather, and present information.

Explore the Library  What happens at a library? How can you find a good book? What does a librarian do? Learn the answers to these questions and more in this book about all of the fun things you can do and learn at your own library!

Know the Parts of a Book  From the table of contents to the index, the parts of a book each have a job to do. Do you know what those jobs are? And do you know how certain features make it easier to use a book? Find out in this book that helps you get to know the parts of a book!

Learn about Authors and Illustrators Just what does an author do? How about an illustrator? And who can do these interesting jobs? Find the answers to these questions and more in this book all about the people who create the books you read!


Share Your Book Report You just read a wonderful book! Are you ready to share what you learned? How can you tell your friends what you loved about the story? This book will tell you all about writing and sharing a book report.

Stay Safe Online  Which Web sites are fun and safe for kids? What is cyberbullying? What information is dangerous to share with strangers online? Find out how to protect yourself in this book about using online resources safely.