Opening Doors

As my family and friends can tell you, I can pretty much geek out about all of Lerner’s books  because I love them so much. However, I have a special place in my heart for one particular series—and not just because I wrote it (ahem, shameless plug). That series is Kinds of Plants in our First Step Nonfiction brand. What makes this series so special to me is that it—like all First Step Nonfiction books—has the potential to open the door to reading and to new interests for the youngest of readers. I can think of few privileges greater, or responsibilities more sacred, than writing books for these readers.
Grains_FC_Page_1 (2)
The Kinds of Plants titles contain simple yet informative text introducing four different categories of growing things (grains, vegetables, fruits, and flowers). One of my favorite things about the books is their relatable photos of kids interacting with plants and plant products. For example, in Kinds of Grains (cover pictured), you’ll see kids curled up on a sofa munching on popcorn in a cozy family scene.

The books also include features to make opening the door to reading easier for parents and educators. The inside front cover contains information on the books’ word count, curricular connection, FOSS connection, and more. In addition, you’ll find a list of high-frequency words used in each book and an activity that adults can try with young readers to enrich their reading experience. Each book is also available in eBook format for kids who prefer reading on a device.

I love to think of a child picking up these books and embarking on an amazing journey—maybe one that leads to a passion for gardening, to trying new and healthful foods, or to reading voraciously throughout their childhood, adolescence, and beyond.