Lerner Interactive Books: Series Spotlight

Lerner Interactive Books are amazing for tons of reasons, but here are the top two: 1. They help readers of all levels improve their literacy skills. 2. Readers are exposed to engaging and educational Lerner content! You may be aware of our iBooks, but are you aware of all of the great content they feature? This week’s spotlight is shining on the Math is Fun! series.

Here’s a perfect set of books to build reading skills for a content area in which it is sometimes difficult to find literary resources: mathematics. In each of these unique volumes, poetry, stories, and trivia combine to illustrate math principles for young readers. The lighthearted illustrations and story lines show students how fascinating the world of numbers and math concepts can be.

Splitting the Herd Interactive Book

20 Hungry Piggies: A Number Book  Nearly everyone has heard about the little piggy that went to the market and the one that stayed home-but there’s a lot more to the story! 20 Hungry Piggies completes the tale while, unbeknownst to the reader, teaching an important math concept at the same time. There are many counting books that deal with cardinal numbers (1,2,3,etc), but this book teaches ordinal numbers as well-an important part of the kindergarten math curriculum. As an added bonus, children will have a great time trying to find the hidden wolf and hidden numbers in each spread.

The Clock Struck One: A Time-Telling Tale  When the clock strikes one, a fun-loving mouse runs up the clock. But what happens when the clock strikes two? A cat gets hungry for mouse-tail stew . . . and the chase is on! Hour by hour, more animals – and even a few people – join in. The crowd charges into the barnyard, dashes through the kitchen, and eventually heads right into the middle of town. Keep your eye on the many clocks in this book and follow along until this twelve-hour race comes to a surprising end!

Jenny Found a Penny Count along with Jenny as she saves up her pennies—and nickels, dimes, quarters, even a fifty-cent piece—to make a special purchase that costs one dollar. But even when she has the right amount saved, will she be able to bring her treasure home? This clever story and life-sized illustrations of coins make learning how to count money a rich experience.

Splitting the Herd: A Corral of Odds and Evens Miss Emma’s cows just can’t stay put! Each time they wander into Cowboy Kirby’s yard, he uses odd and even numbers to count the herd. Then he sends all the evens back to Emma and keeps the odds for himself. It’s only fair, he thinks. And, besides, Emma sure is cute. Kirby doesn’t notice that his herd keeps getting smaller while Emma’s grows larger. Emma is the kind of gal that is good at math (as well as running a ranch and baking a cake). Yet she’s tenderhearted and doesn’t want to hurt her friend’s feelings by explaining his math mistake. How will she solve their problem with odds and evens? Count on Emma for coming up with a surprise ending!

Tally Cat Keeps Track  Tally McNally is an alley cat who loves to tally! He keeps track of  all sorts of contests—who wins the most races, who is the tallest, who can climb the most trees, and more. When the results are counted up, Tally is always the winner. One rainy day, Tally competes to become the “wettest cat.” But he goes too far and gets into a jam. Will his friends—who lose to him tally after tally—find a way to save him?

Tally Cat Keeps Track Interactive Book