A long, long journey

School’s out and many families are packing up for summer travel. Adults are stocking coolers and kids are choosing books, music, and games for the long drive. We know what kinds of things humans need for a long journey. But other animals take long trips too. Many birds, for instance, travel hundreds or thousands of miles each fall and spring. And they don’t bring along library books or mp3 players. How do they do it?

We have a book that can help you and your students find out.


Millbrook’s new title The Long, Long Journey: The Godwit’s Amazing Migration tells the story of the bar-tailed godwit. This bird travels 7,000 miles without stopping, from her summer home in Alaska to her winter home in New Zealand.

To help your students better understand the trials the godwit goes through, free downloadable activities written by author Sandra Markle are available from Lerner eSource.

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Bon voyage!