You’re the Chef: Lerner eSource Freebies!

Have you had a chance to check out You’re the Chef, Millbrook’s awesome new cookbook series? Filled with detailed instructions, down to diagrams of which tools to use for each technique, these books will help budding chefs make all kinds of delicious foods.

                        9780761366379fc_Medium.jpg        9780761366355fc_Medium.jpg

We’ve compiled a few helpful extras so you can take full advantage of these fantastic titles. I’ll let you in on a little secret. The author offered us so many tasty recipes, we couldn’t fit them all in the books! But we still want you to have them. So they’re available from Lerner eSource, our online repository of fun, free, complementary content. Crunchy Tuna Salad, yum!

We also have other resources available. Maybe you want to figure out which food groups are represented in each recipe. Well, we can offer you that too. And maybe you could use a metric conversion chart while you’re cooking? Or perhaps you’d like a link to an online video to show you a particular technique? Done and done.

Each season, our editorial staff puts our heads together to come up with great extras to help you get more out of our new series and titles. Today’s featured Lerner eSource series is You’re the Chef.

To download free resources for a book or series, visit a book’s product page on our website: If you haven’t registered with us, please do so at the upper right corner of the page. On future visits, you’ll need to sign in to download files. Then look in the right-hand column of the page for the eSource logo. Just under the Font Lens, you’ll see the downloadable eSource files. Click on an individual file or on “download all.”

Happy cooking!