Baseball, Common Core, and African American History

Hey, baseball season! Is that you? It’s hard to see you among all the spring thunderstorms here in Minnesota. Here’s some guaranteed baseball fun, no matter what the weather forecast looks like.

Today’s featured eSource downloads, which focus on the Common Core English Language Arts Standards, are for the Carolrhoda title Something to Prove: The Great Satchel Paige vs Rookie Joe DiMaggio.


Nowadays we’re quite used to professional baseball players of different races and ethnicities. But that wasn’t always the case. In 1936, African Americans were not allowed to play in the major leagues. That didn’t mean that African Americans didn’t play baseball, though. 

Something to Prove tells the story of how Joe DiMaggio proved himself good enough to join the Yankees. But it also tells the story of how African American pitcher Satchel Paige proved his own unmatched pitching skills, even though he wouldn’t be signed to a big league team for another decade.
The Common Core Discussion Questions address the Reading Standards for Literature for grades K-5. You can use them to help your students think critically about the text itself. 
The Common Core Narrative Writing Assignment addresses the Common Core Writing Standards for third grade. You can use it to help your students practice planning and writing a narrative.

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