Three Cheers for Free Book Friday!

Congratulations to LibraryLady! All six books from our new Do You Dig Earth Science? series now belong to you. Email us at with the subject line “Free Book Friday” to tell us your mailing address, and soon the mysteries of soil and fossils will be within your grasp.

“You can examine me as soon as you tell Lerner where to mail me!”

Discoveries of a different kind await in Millbrook Press’s You’ve Got Spirit: Cheers, Chants, Tips, and Tricks Every Cheerleader Needs to Know

If the aspiring cheerleader in your life has been stumping you with questions like…

“Is cheerleading right for me?”
“What will tryouts be like?”
“Does this arm position look right?”
“How should I wear my hair during practice?”
“What kind of snacks can I bring to the competition?”

…then this book is for you! For a chance to win a free copy, leave a comment on this post (including your name), or Tweet this line: “Free Book Friday! RT to win YOU’VE GOT SPIRIT from @LernerBooks.”

We’ll announce the winner in next week’s Free Book Friday post, so be sure to check the Lerner blog on May 3 to see if you’ve won!

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