Coming out of Hibernation

sunglasses (2)

Aaaaaah, I have to admit I don’t have books and publishing trends on the brain today because of the, um, weather. We at Lerner Publishing Group are finally bidding a more than fond farewell to winter! With the recent sky-blue sunny days here, with temperatures well above freezing, we’ve all packed away our parkas and boots and scarves and gloves and hats–and donned our sunglasses! Remember them? Welcome spring.

Be sure to check in again in two weeks for more from TFCB! (That’s me with the scarf toward the back, in the company of some of my yes-I’m-game-for-it editorial and design colleagues.)

One thought on “Coming out of Hibernation

  1. Anonymous

    You jinxed us didn't you! Snow on May 1st? I think I'll just welcome summer 🙂

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