Make Every Day National Grammar Day!


No, just kidding.

But this past Monday, March 4, was indeed National Grammar Day in the United States. Editors and educators encourage people to make this a day to learn something new about grammar, style, and usage of language. If your Twitter feed is as writer- and editor-centric as mine, you probably saw the flurry of online activity celebrating it, but if not, it’s not too late to join in the fun.

Visit National Grammar Day’s website,, for a compilation of ways to celebrate, including grammar haikus, free wallpaper, theme songs, teaching materials, and more.

The Chicago Manual of Style’s interview with Grammar Girl herself, Mignon Fogarty (founder of Quick and Dirty Tips podcast and website), sparked my interest, especially the discussion of grammar vs. style. If you find yourself getting into fistfights or online comment wars over punctuation norms and other nitpicky “grammar” issues—or even if you don’t—it’s helpful to know when something is a matter of style and can have several “right” usages. (“She and myself will give the lecture” is grammatically incorrect, since myself is a reflexive pronoun used where a subject pronoun is needed. But whether to use a comma before and in “I had eggs, toast, and tea for breakfast” is a matter of style—you use it if CMS is your Bible, but not if you follow AP Style.)

And if you consider National Grammar Day an excellent excuse to peruse grammar- and style-related memes, you’re in good company! Enjoy:

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