It’s Not Opening Day Yet, But it IS Free Book Friday!

Let’s have a round of applause for Cindy Reyes! You’ve won a copy of Miracle Mud: Lena Blackburne and the Secret Mud That Changed Baseball from Millbrook Press. Email us at with the subject line “Free Book Friday”, your mailing address, and any other expressions of enthusiasm you’d like to share, and we’ll send you your prize forthwith. We trust you’ll share it with boys and girls who are looking for a fun story about the surprising ways in which dreams can come true. 

Our baseball fever continues with Something to Prove: The Great Satchel Paige vs. Rookie Joe DiMaggioThis new picture book from Carolrhoda Books is another inspiring true story that’ll captivate even the less-than-sports-crazed readers in second- through fifth-grade classrooms. (Side note: it’s one of my personal favorites, and you’d have to drag me kicking and screaming to a Twins game.)

Before Joe DiMaggio was a household name, he was a 21-year-old rookie hoping the New York Yankees would take a chance on him. The team’s managers thought he was promising, but they weren’t sure he was ready for the big leagues. So they decided to test him against the best pitcher they knew–the legendary Satchel Paige. Paige was a recruiter’s dream…except that, in 1936, African Americans still weren’t allowed in the major leagues. Paige, heading up a team of amateur African American players, faced off against  DiMaggio and a team of white major leaguers in a game that made history–and gave both DiMaggio and Paige a chance to prove their worthiness as baseball players.

For a chance to win Something to Prove, leave a comment on this post, name included, or Tweet this line:
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The winner will be announced in next week’s Free Book Friday post, so check the blog on April 5 to end the suspense. Some of the suspense, at least. To learn the outcome of the game, you’ll have to wait to read the book!

22 thoughts on “It’s Not Opening Day Yet, But it IS Free Book Friday!

  1. Juliann Caveny

    I'd love to win a copy of this! My 7th graders focused our reading on NF picture books and resources with the Baseball Heroes theme during the month of January… “Something to Prove” would be a perfect addition to my collection! ~Juliann Caveny

  2. Anonymous

    This sounds like an excellent book in every way! I would love it for my third graders.

  3. Anonymous

    Free Book Friday! RT to win SOMETHING TO PROVE from @LernerBooks.


  4. Cindy Reyes

    Thanks for offering this! I look forward to the opportunity to increase my classroom library books!

  5. Anonymous

    My students LOVE reading about baseball greats, we read a story about Jackie Robinson and are planning a field trip to see the new movie.

    As a fairly new teacher, I would LOVE to add this book to my small but growing library.

    Melody Shipley

  6. Diane Vestrand

    This is a great idea to help penniless teachers! We are Tampa Bay Rays fans, here in Bradenton, FL, and we enjoy discussing what made the heroes of yesterday different from today's heroes. Thanks for the opportunity to win! PLAY BALL! Diane Vestrand

  7. Melanie Fields

    I would love to win this book and share it with my students with various disabilities in grades Kindergarten through fifth. I could use this book to help them see that no matter the challenges they face in school and in life, that they are here for a purpose, that they matter, and that they could do great things if they stay focused and try their best. I could also use this book to read to my four boys at home since they are trying different sports and feel challenged at times.Melanie Fields

  8. Anonymous

    Great giveaway….I would love to have this book as a new addition to my classroom. I work with Special Needs students in grade 2 and 3. My students have varying disabilities such as visually impaired, language impaired and speech impairments.
    Eileen Santiago

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