Who’s Ready for Free Book Friday?!

Rhetorical questions aside (we’re always ready for Free Book Friday, right? No one ever thinks, “If only this Thursday with no reading material could last a little longer!”)…let’s hear it for Lindsay Peck, winner of our coveted copy of The Twelve-Fingered Boy! Send your mailing address to publicityinfo@lernerbooks.com so that you can start reading it from cover to cover as soon as possible.

Yes, these covers.

If that one seemed a bit too intense for you and your young readers, here’s something that may be more to your taste. Cookie, the Walkerbrought to you by Carolrhoda Books, is the latest gem from award-winning author/illustrator Chris Monroe. 

BTW: Cookie is a dog. Not something edible.

Like a certain polydactyl boy we may or may not have met recently, Cookie is unusual. This extraordinary dog can walk on her hind legs like a human. Her talent soon brings fame, and fame brings…complications….

In keeping with my new “no spoilers” tradition, I leave you with those ellipses as incentive to enter the giveaway fray. For a chance to win Cookie, the Walker, leave a comment below or Tweet this line: “Free Book Friday! RT to win COOKIE, THE WALKER from @LernerBooks. bit.ly/1OrSN

The winner of Cookie, the Walker will be announced during Free Book Friday on February 15, so be sure to check the blog to see if you’ve won. Because book-less Thursdays are such a drag.

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