A Digital Mad Lib(rary)

With Valentine’s Day coming up, we (the benevolent spirit of Adriano Fruzzetti and I) have decided to treat you lovely readers to a more heartwarming blog post than usual. So here is a February mad lib for you, featuring select Lerner cover images* to remind you why you love us.

Are you ready for spring?
So are we! It’s one of our favorite 
It’s the best time to
run and hike, play and bike
Plus you can start
exploring seeds
and watching plants grow
from start to finish.
And of course, we’ll soon be celebrating spring holidays like

and National Library Week! So don’t let the February doldrums get to you.
Think happy!

*P.S. All the above titles are available from Lerner in eBook AND iBook form. Remember, you can get a free 30-day trial of Lerner Interactive Books if you’re wondering what these covers would look like on your iPad.

P.P.S. You didn’t think I’d forgotten the web links, did you?

Having trouble getting your students to pay attention in math class? Try bringing in a robot. [marketwatch.com]

Last week, the second annual Digital Learning Day, sponsored by the Alliance for Excellent Education, got teachers and students talking about exciting, creative ways to use technology in the classroom. [ABC7]

…And if you need yet more confirmation that teaching and technology really do go hand in hand these days, PBS LearningMedia has survey results to clinch it. [PBS]

A more colorful future for eReaders and tablets is on the horizon. [TeleRead]

A philosophical question to wrap it all up: What does it mean to respect the reader in the digital age? [TeleRead] (Yes, this piece mentions the now-notorious Anne of Green Gables cover. Yes, as someone whose driver’s license once said “blonde” because red was not an option, I am in a poor position to offer balanced commentary on this subject. But as for the rest of you: feel free to debate!)

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