It Wouldn’t Be Friday Without a Free Book (Or Six)!

Congratulations to Gloria! You’ve won How Flight Works, our brand-new series from Lerner Publications’ Lightning Bolt Books™ . The books themselves can’t fly, though, so send your mailing address to and we’ll speed them on their way to you.

By the time the next Free Book Friday rolls around, it will be February. But our new giveaway isn’t just a great find for African American History Month. It’ll come in handy throughout the year as a valuable and riveting resource for your school, your library, or your very own upper-grade reader.
 A Marked Man: The Assassination of Malcolm X, from Twenty-First Century Books, is the story of a death, a life, and a movement that changed America. It begins in 1965, with the murder of controversial civil rights activist Malcolm X–yes, that’s right, begins. From there, readers explore the killing’s causes and aftermath, delving into the struggles, triumphs, and intrigues that defined Malcolm X’s life and work. Ultimately, what emerges is a picture not only of a marked man, but of a man who left a lasting mark.
For a chance to win A Marked Man, all you have to do is post a comment below or Tweet this ever-fresh-and-witty line: “Free Book Friday! RT to win A MARKED MAN from @LernerBooks.” 
The winner of A Marked Man will be announced, as usual, during Free Book Friday on February 1. Make sure to check the blog to see if it’s your lucky day! 

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