A Little Sibling Love

Sarah Olmanson, production editor extraordinaire, blogs about famous siblings. Enjoy her super fun piece about sibling love…and rivalry!

The NFL conference championship games were held this last weekend. Two teams were left standing after hard-fought victories. And both of those teams are led by Harbaughs. That’s right—this year, for the first time, two brothers are leading their respective teams to the Super Bowl. Jim Harbaugh will lead the San Francisco 49ers, and John Harbaugh will lead the Baltimore Ravens. It’s one of the biggest stories going into the Super Bowl on February 3.

It made me wonder about other famous siblings. In football, the most famous are the Manning brothers:

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They’ve gone head-to-head only twice, with Peyton’s team winning both times.

In all, I discovered there are 348 documented sets of brothers (including some twins!) who have played pro football. Other examples? Tiki and Ronde Barber; Matt and Tim Hasselbeck; and Chris, Dan, and Rob Gronkowski.

Then, of course, there are the Williams sisters:


Serena has the edge in head-to-head matches 13–10.

Other siblings in the news? How about the Hemsworths?


Liam is known for The Hunger Games and The Last Song. His older brother, Chris, is the star of Thor and Snow White and the Huntsman and reprised his role as Thor in The Avengers. A third brother, Luke, is also an actor.

And who can forget about the royals?


Older brother, William, is expecting his first child with wife, Kate. Younger brother, Harry, recently returned from Afghanistan.

How about the Jacksons?


Michael is the most famous, but the Jackson 5 included five brothers, and sister, Janet, has had a big music career as well.

Then there are the Kennedys—American political royalty.

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There’s also Bobby and multiple other well-known Kennedy relatives.

Other famous siblings from history?

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The Wright brothers pioneered flight. The Grimkés fought slavery. The Mayos pioneered modern surgery. And this is just the tip of the iceberg for famous siblings.

It just goes to show, more than just noses can run in families.