Super Singers

Here’s a report on our fabulous Pop Culture Bios series from our equally fabulous production editor Erica Johnson. Enjoy!

Back in July, Sara Hoffmann shared the news about Lerner’s Pop Culture Bios: Super Singers series. As a pop culture junkie, it’s hard for me to believe we haven’t blogged more about this super fun series! I was lucky enough to work on the books about Selena Gomez, One Direction, and Bruno Mars as a photo researcher (which is what I did here at Lerner before becoming a production editor). My job was to find photos to go with the books’ text and to license the images from our photography sources. Spending a few hours looking at photos of Bruno or Harry Styles (of One Direction) is a pretty good day job.

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I am a big fan of Bruno Mars. He makes such fun, diverse music and is a multi-talented artist. Did you know he plays four instruments (guitar, drums, piano and bass)? If you already had that factoid down, you can test your Bruno knowledge with a True or False test on page ten in the book. And don’t miss the photos of his early years as a musical impersonator (of Elvis and Michael Jackson). Those pics are some of my favorites in this book.

Bruno released his second album, Unorthodox Jukebox, earlier this month. I dropped hints that his new CD would make an excellent Christmas gift. And I’m happy to say it was waiting in my stocking for me.

And readers, you too are in luck, because more Pop Culture Bios will be coming soon! It’s like Christmas morning all over again.

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