Digital Potpourri 12/4: Finishing Touches

There’s a magical fairyland that all children dream of visiting… A land where the best ideas are plucked like golden apples from the tree of imagination and turned into wonderful digital content to be enjoyed by all. I’m speaking of Product Management Land, of course. Rejoice! The good-looking denizens of Product Management Land have been hard at work creating all-new Lerner Interactive Books for the Spring! And not only do we have new titles, but also a ton of new features for 225 existing ones. I can’t spill all of the beans just yet (they’re watching!) so let’s just say that our iBooks used to have two speeds.

As for new iBooks, howbout a batch of fiction titles? Here’s the list!

  • I Know an Old Teacher
  • Late for School!
  • Big Bouffant
  • Big Birthday
  • Oopsy, Teacher!
  • Peanut Butter and Jellyfishes
  • Guess What Is Growing Inside This Egg
  • Think Big!
  • Smile a Lot!
  • Think Happy!
  • It’s Not My Fault!
  • Henry’s Show and Tell

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