A Grieving Nation

Today, as the funerals begin, it’s almost impossible not to be thinking about the victims of last week’s horrific school shooting in Connecticut and their families. The innocent grins of children and laughing adults—now dead, the horror and grief on the faces of their loved ones, a weeping president, the stunned, hollow expression of the killer himself—all these images are now engraved in our national psyche.

Many of the discussions I’ve been a part of and listened to these last few days center not only on Why? but on What Next? Gun control and better, more effective assistance for the mentally disturbed come up in all the conversations. TFCB recently published Gun Control, by Matt Doeden. It’s a very thoughtful and in-depth book about gun control as part of our USA TODAY’S DEBATE: VOICES AND PERSPECTIVES series. It’s a useful and objective resource for background information and links to further information as a way to think about this piece of the complex puzzle, no matter on what side of the equation you find yourself.

We are all joined in expressing our heartfelt and deepest condolences for the families and the community of Newtown, Connecticut.