Inspiring Athletes from the Olympic Games

Hi, everyone! Sarah Olmanson joins us this week with some winning updates.

A few weeks ago I told you all about my excitement for the upcoming London Olympics. It’s now a couple weeks post-Olympics. And I have to say it was exhilarating and exhausting. With that much coverage and so many fascinating stories, the Olympics lived up to my expectations. And once it was over, my Olympics life bled into my work life—where I got to put together new books on gold medalists Usain Bolt and Gabby Douglas and update our book on Michael Phelps, who now holds the record for most medals won by an Olympian. Here are some of the fun facts I learned:

· Usain Bolt grew up playing cricket. He started focusing on sprinting in high school based on the advice of a coach.

· Gabby Douglas got a high five from First Lady Michelle Obama on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Fun challenge: what gold-related phrase do you get when you unscramble Douglas?

· The medal count record that Phelps broke was previously held by Russian gymnast Larisa Latynina.


Answer to the challenge: USA gold