“I can compel you.”

“I am not yet whole. Had I been, I could make this entire
yard of boys kill each other. Gleefully.”




Soon enough winter will be here, and then will come spring and with it, John Hornor Jacob’s new novel The Twelve-Fingered Boy, wherein you will meet, among others, Mr. Quincrux. You may look forward to the arrival of spring, but I think you will feel differently about the arrival of Mr. Quincrux. Both are inevitable.

(Meanwhile, here’s the cover and some reassuring words about what you’re about to face.)

“A fast-paced, ferocious nightmare of a story—gritty, magical, and surprisingly tender.”

-Brenna Yovanoff, New York Times Bestselling author
of The Replacement and The Space Between

“John Hornor Jacobs’ The Twelve Fingered Boy is a thrill ride. With candy. And polydactyl, reluctantly heroic kids who go up against all odds in a world of uncontrollable superpowers and unrelenting bad guys. Exciting, suspenseful, creepy, and fun—The Twelve Fingered Boy is a terrific, fast-paced read!”

– Andrew Smith, author of the MArbury Lens, Winger,
Ghost Medicine
, and In the Path of Falling Objects

“John Hornor Jacobs conjures dark magic with The Twelve-Fingered Boy. A powerful new voice whispering out of the dark. A brilliant first YA novel!”

-Jonathan Maberry, New York Times bestselling author of
The King of Plagues, Patient Zero
, and Rot and Ruin