Digital Potpourri 8/14

    Shenanigans occurred on the internet over the weekend, and has been taken down as a result. A large number of indi authors were up in arms over perceived copyright violations allegedly perpetrated by Unfortunately, the authors did not seem to understand that their contracts with B&N and Amazon allow for their books to be lent out. merely facilitated the process by helping people locate and borrow books from Amazon and B&N. Not only does it sound like a useful service for readers, but a good way for indi authors to gain exposure. Nevertheless, the authors armed with virtual torches and pitchforks were met by a large group of readers who came to the defense of LendInk, and an intense and relatively embarassing flame war ensued. Joanna Cabot over at TeleRead does a good job of explaining the fight.

    Now for this weeks links o’ fun:

    A City Severed: How the Draft Riots Tore NYC Apart [via BoingBoing]