Bragging Rights Once Again For Guinea PIG Series

It’s always my pleasure to mention the ever-charming Guinea PIG, Pet Shop Private Eye series, and now I have two more reasons to do so. This week, the much-respected website, has posted a glowing review about not one, but two of the latest Guinea PIG books#4 Fish You Were Here and #5 Raining Cats and Detectives.

Just coming off a 2012 Eisner Award nomination for #3 The Ferret’s a Foot, author Colleen AF Venable and illustrator Stephanie Yue have worked their magic again with these two sprightly titles.

About this series the reviewer declares, “This is so much a world I want to be part of, from the wide-ranging friendships and cozy community of the animals to the charming neighborhood shops.”

In Fish You Were Here, The absent-minded pet shop owner, Mr. Venezi’s has finally found an assistant to help at the store. At first, Viola seems so perfect that Mr. V barely needs to be there. In fact, one day, Mr. V doesn’t come back at all. With resident detective Sasspants and her gumshoe assistant Hamisher teaming up, they manage to fish out the answers to this mystery. The reviewer praises Hamisher as having, “lots of funny lines and silly ideas that are quite entertaining.”

In Raining Cats and Detectives, the latest about a missing bookstore cat, the reviewer says,The gags fly fast and furious, with all kinds of creative combinations surprising me.”

The reviewer states that she’s “enjoying the Guinea Pig: Pet Shop Private Eye series so much that the books have joined my permanent collection.”

To think that her permanent collection may contain Shakespeare, Tolstoy, and Hemingway, this isn’t bad at all.

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