We All Love a Good Flow Chart

Flow chart flow chart
Has The Hunger Games movie hit your city’s second-run theaters yet? It’s currently playing at my favorite gem of an old-fashioned, neighborhood movie theater in Minneapolis, and the $3 ticket price lured me into a second viewing over last weekend. After the movie, my companions and I reflected on the movie vs. the book (I know, I know, no one has ever done that before!)—different for each of us, and interestingly revealing of what different elements we each enjoyed (or not so much) of the book.

The Hunger Games certainly owes its massive popularity to how widely it appeals to readers with different tastes, different quirks, different purposes. You’d think that would make it hard to give a good, specific recommendation to a Hunger Games fan of what to read next. But wait! The talented staff of the Teen Zone at the Lawrence Public Library of Lawrence, Kansas has created a flow chart to do just that. Behold:
Want another futuristic read? Or maybe a tale of cloning or other genetics experiments? Something with a male narrator? They’ve got you covered.

I know there are lots of other informative (and sometimes hilarious) literary flow charts and/or infographics out there. There’s this one on how to identify distopian novels, this one in case you aren’t sure whether you’re living in a dystopia (and are not actually a young reader in search of a nice, profanity-free book or website), this one if you want to have some fun with your favorite heroines. Got another favorite? Send it our way.

Image credit: Etsy Ketsy via Flickr Creative Commons