Happy Ramadan

Ramadan, the Muslim month of fasting and prayer, begins later this week. We have a new book about Ramadan as is part of our Cloverleaf Books Holidays and Special Days series.

Rashad’s Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr focuses on a young boy in a Muslim family. (A Somali family living in the U.S., to be precise.) While he is too young to fast during daylight hours throughout the month, he does fast for one day. The book touches on when Ramadan happens (and why it starts on a different day every year), what Muslims do during Ramadan, and how people celebrate the end of Ramadan: gathering and feasting on Eid al-Fitr!


The end of the book includes a fun, simple craft called a moon can. This is something that all kids can make and use, regardless of their faith. During Ramadan, it’s customary to give food or money to the poor. The moon can is a decorated can (such as an empty soup can) that can be used to save money that will be donated to help people in need.


As it happens, this year Ramadan coincides with the Olympic Games. Did you know that there will be approximately 3,500 Muslim athletes competing? Check out this article for more about how these athletes will be observing Ramadan while at the Olympics.