From Farm to Table

So I have this oddball fascination with farming. Did I grow up on a farm? No. I’m a city/suburban girl, and I’m much more familiar with the ways of the Suburban Mall Shopper on a Saturday than I am with how to milk a Holstein or harvest a wheat crop. I’m not sure where my farming fascination comes from, but I do know that this thing I have with farming made me totally happy to be editing Start to Finish: Food! This new series is all about how food goes from farm to table. In it, young readers (and older readers, too) will learn

how wheat turns into bread

how peanuts are made into peanut butter

how cows use energy from grass to produce milk

how maple sap becomes syrup

and, my personal favorites, how cocoa beans make rich, creamy chocolate (yum!) and how milk turns into sweet, frosty ice cream (oh, how I wish I had some right now).

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Take a peek at Start to Finish: Food. I hope you have just as much fun reading these as I did editing them!