Digital Potpourri 6/5: Something’s Buzzing at Lerner!

Lerner Publishing Group has been announced as one of the publishers whose content will be made available to school libraries via Brain Hive, the new “read on demand” service. Here at Lerner, we’re always looking for new ways to get our award-winning content into the hands of readers, and we’re confident that Brain Hive’s innovative eBook platform will do just that.

With Brain Hive, school librarians will be able to increase their digital collections by thousands of titles, without needing to pay a cent! Students will be able to log in to Brain Hive, find exactly what they’re interested in, and “click it out” for only $1 per title. The eBooks are viewable on PC, Macintosh, and iPad. There is no set-up cost, and Librarians can monitor usage and control budget with a click of the mouse. It’s a really awesome way to get access to a ton of eBooks with no up-front cost.

For more information about Brain Hive, visit their website. You can also read what the blogosphere is tweetpostbooking here:

In other news, Monday was a sad day for the internet. “Mr Trololo”, Eduard Khil, has died at the age of 77. Mr. Khil became famous a few years ago when the video of his song I Am So Happy To Finally Be Back Home went viral. The song was originally recorded over 40 years ago and features nonsensical lyrics that sound like “trololo”, hence the nickname. Khil, a soviet, was forced to replace the original cowboy-themed song lyrics by censors, who felt it promoted an American lifestyle. Check out the “Trololo” video below.

Other interweb gems for this week: