A Delicious Trip

Today I’ve asked the talented Brie Cohen, production editor and photographer, to guest blog here.
This summer I’m doing something I’ve never done before—traveling to Europe!
My chef boyfriend (and I) won a national cheese recipe contest for food professionals. He created the amazing Grand Cru Gruyere Ravioli with Swiss Chard and Apple, Sweet Potato Sauce and finished with Kaltbach Cave-aged Le Gruyère Switzerland AOC, pictured below. If only there were taste-o-vision computers!
The prize?— a trip to Switzerland.
Other than the uncertainty about being in a plane for a long time and the jet lag, I’m super excited!
We plan to travel to Switzerland, France, and then Italy.
I want to eat some amazing food, see the wonderful sights, shop for a chic dress, and take in the people and towns.
We have some great resources at Lerner on these three countries. The Country Explorer series has an Italy book, a France book, and a Switzerland book.
They all give an overview of the land, the lifestyle, and the people of the country.
Some tidbits of our trip that we plan to do so far include:
– tour a cheese cave in Lucerne, Switzerland
– visit my long-time best friend in Geneva, Switzerland
– tour the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
– explore the Louvre in Paris, France
– eat a lot of yummy food in Lyon, France
– ride in a gondola in Venice, Italy
– attend a soccer game in Italy
– visit the Colosseum in Rome, Italy
I also plan to (quietly) sing “Les Champs Élysée” while frolicking along the Champs Élysées.
Have you been to any of these countries? Do you have suggestions or tips? Where should we go? What should we see? Where should we eat? Where should we shop?
When I return, I’ll tell of my adventures!