Anonymity and Shoes—and Photography

I recently purchased a new camera, and so to learn how to use it, I’ve been taking a lot of pictures. This is fun, but it does mean there is a backlog of images on the memory card to review. Many things can be learned in the review process: what’s working, what’s not, necessary next steps, recurring themes you were previously unaware of…

Here’s a recurring theme on my memory card: shoes (surprise!) But not JUST shoes, specific shoe compositions. I seem to be channeling author/photographer/baker/knitter/Master of Wine Jane Brocket in several recent photography choices. When we’re in the process of putting together one of Jane’s books, we have the joy of perusing through a large selection of her photos to find the right ones for layout. During this review process we will inevitably (and enjoyably) run across at least several photographs of shoes, contrasting or complementing interesting grounds and textures. See what I mean below—and, for fun, guess which photos are mine and which are Jane’s!

(A note: this shouldn’t be hard. Jane is a photographer, I am not.)

photographs courtesy Jane Brocket and Anonymous Lerner