The Cats out of the Bag for Miss Annie

Recently Graphic Universe introduced a likable French series about a likable kitten. Now it has produced some very likable reviews.

So before I focus on all the other GU Spring titles I’d be remiss not to cats you up on Miss Annie (Freedom! and Rooftop Cat) by Frank Le Gall and illustrated by Flore Balthazar.

Even though Miss Annie—a tale about a kitten with disarmingly mischievous ways—has not cat-apulted to the top in sales it has seen a cool cat-like, steady increase. To call Miss Annie books “bestsellers” would be a slight overstatement, but reviewers have weighed in, and their sentiments have been really paw-sitive.

Kirkus didn’t pussyfoot around when it called Miss Annie “a charming balance of cartoon and natural kitty-ness…”

SLJ purrs, “She might be small, but she is full of personality and it shines through in the stories as well as in the colorful illustrations…”

And it’s the cat’s meow for Publishers Weekly who says, “with a charming sensibility and lovely art in the vein of adult bandes desinées like The Rabbi’s Cat, this gentle story of discovery is kept lively with Annie’s antics, interior dialogue, and interactions with the creatures, human and otherwise, in her neighborhood.”

In fact, I have yet to find a single sourpuss review. This should have us feline really good.

And that’s fan-CAT-stic!

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