It’s a Dog’s Life!

I’m exhausted. We have a new puppy at home. A terrier mix. For those of you who know dogs, that’s a lot of work. Puppies are rambunctious and erratic, and they do all kinds of things you don’t want them to do—every single day. And terriers are a lively, keenly intelligent, demanding breed. It’s like having a colicky baby at home, maybe even worse!

Luckily Lerner has an entire dog series—The Best Dogs Ever. It’s been great to look at these books for basic information about dog breeds and tips on training and socialization. And it’s fun to see all the colorful photos like the ones below of charming canines with their happy owners.

boston terrier

Don’t get me wrong. Our little Bobolino is adorable. When he’s sleeping in my lap or watching movies with us on the couch, that is. And get this. He’s starting to take a liking to opera. Not bad for a dog who comes from Kentucky, where country rules! NoteNoteNote

Check in for more from TFCB in two weeks!

2 thoughts on “It’s a Dog’s Life!

  1. Emma Green

    I love the name Bobolino! So cute! Terrier puppies are so much work, but so worth it when they grow up and you have the best dog ever!

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