Focus on the TITANIC: 100 Years Later


The night of April 14-15, 2012, marked the one hundredth anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. As part of the anniversary, viewers have the opportunity to watch James Cameron’s popular film Titanic in 3D at various theaters around the country. In addition, museums in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and our nation’s capital are offering some interesting Titanic exhibits. If you’re in any of these areas, you might be interested. And be sure to let us know if there are Titanic exhibits in your neck of the woods that readers might want to know about.

Mystic Aquarium (Connecticut)

“Titanic—12,450 Feet Below”

The show is organized by oceanographer Robert Ballard, who discovered the remains of the wreck in 1985, and Tim Delaney, former Disney imagineer. It has images, facsimiles of relics, videos, interviews, and hands-on activities.

South Street Seaport Museum (New York City)

Titanic Exhibit

The show opened on April 10 and features historic objects and documents from the ship and from its passengers. It also offers interactive elements and artifacts that show how the event has been remembered and interpreted in popular culture.

Franklin Institute (Philadelphia, PA)

“Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition”

The show, which will launch in the fall of this year, includes more than 200 artifacts recovered from the wreck. It also discusses the construction and launch of the ship.


National Geographic Museum (Washington, D.C.)

“Titanic: 100 Year Obsession”

At this show, visitors can see an 18-foot model of the ship, props from James Cameron’s 2D film Titanic (1997), historical photos of the ship and passengers, and the latest imagery by National Geographic explorer James Cameron of the wreck on the ocean floor.


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[image above: cover of Iceberg, Right Ahead! by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson, TFCB, 2012]