Emma’s Easter

I hope those of you who celebrate Easter had a nice day yesterday! Speaking of holidays, Anna blogged about our new book Sarah’s Passover recently, and I’m pleased to say that we also have Emma’s Easter as part of the Cloverleaf Books—Holidays and Special Days series.


This fun picture book explores the religious and secular aspects of celebrating Easter. It opens with Emma’s family dyeing Easter eggs. (Need egg inspiration for next year? Check out these lovelies. They’re on my “to do someday” list.) Emma decorates a special egg and puts her name on it. But when Easter comes, she can’t find her egg anywhere! The family goes to church, gets together with family, and finally right before she goes to bed, Emma finally finds her egg.

Emmas Easter 8­9

Working on this book did teach me a few new things. I was aware of New York City’s Easter Parade, but I didn’t realize that it dates back to the mid-1800s. For more about the parade, see here. And for photos from the 2011 parade, see here.