Sarah’s Passover

How is it almost April already? With these first few months of 2012 speeding by, it’s nearly time for Passover, beginning this year on the evening of April 6. In preparation, check out Sarah’s Passover, one of the six new holiday titles in the Cloverleaf Books brand.


Young Sarah (through the engaging writing of Lisa Bullard) introduces readers to Passover as her family gets ready by cleaning the house, removing all leavened bread or baked goods (i.e. those containing yeast or other leavening agents), retelling the story of the Israelite slaves, and sharing the Passover seder. Constanza Basaluzzo’s bright illustrations bring the story to life.

One of my favorite parts of Passover—perhaps aside from matzah ball soup—is that the youngest person at the seder table gets a special role. He or she has the important job of asking the Four Questions.

Come to think of it, Sarah likes that part of Passover too!