Lou! Is Here!

Graphic Universe has just rolled out Lou!–a hugely popular, award-winning French graphic novel series by Julien Neel about a precocious twelve-year girl and her amusing apartment life with mom, cat, crush Tristan, girlfriend Mina and cranky grandma Memaw.

The franchise’s foray into the North American market begins with two initials titles Secret Diary and Summertime Blues, with at least 6 additional titles expected. With over 800,000 copies sold in France, Graphic Universe is optimistic that the series’ reception will carry over stateside. And already laudable reviews are trickling in. Kirkus writes on its February 22 website (and on newsstands March 15) “A beguiling import introduces the irresistibly plucky 12-year-old Lou, a French cousin to Jimmy Gownley’s Amelia McBride…This lighthearted charmer will leave readers enchantées.”

Given the beauty of its illustrations, whimsy of its story, and absolute charm of its main character the word enchanting definitely springs to mind.