First Books

Probably all editors have a special fondness for the very first books they edited. I got thinking the other day about the first books I edited at Lerner, and I have to say, it made me pretty nostalgic. Here’s a self-indulgent peek at a few of the books that launched my Lerner career.

untitled Filipinos in America
This was literally the very first project assigned to me at Lerner. It’s on Filipino immigrants and their immigration story, from those who immigrated in the early 1900s to those who came here in the 2000s. A couple random tidbits that stuck with me from the book are that chicken adobo is a favorite Filipino treat and that Tai Babilonia of figure skating fame is Filipino.

I love K-2 “basic concepts” books, so I was thrilled to edit this little book on grocers. It has a narrative, storybook-like quality, yet it conveys essential curricular info. It’s also pretty fun that a lot of the pics featured in the title were taken at Minneapolis-area co-ops. Hooray for hometown pride!

Did you know that hippos are actually kind of mean? Neither did I, until I worked on this project. Hippos are super territorial and can be really aggressive when other animals enter their space. At the same time, they’re appealing creatures in that they’re extremely social in their herds, and mother hippos are affectionate and gentle with their babies.

Annie Oakleyuntitled
Biographies and me are a good match. I love getting wrapped up in the deets of other people’s lives. And I do get wrapped up! Check out my posts on our Michael Jackson and Steve Jobs bios to see the proof. When editing Annie Oakley, I got caught up in Annie’s hardscrabble childhood and her determination to use her talents as a sharpshooter to make life better for her family.

So there’s a little peek at some of my early Lerner edits. Thanks for checking in on our blog today, and for indulging my trip down memory lane!