The Haiti Disaster Through Comics

A recent radio interview on PRI’s The World (Interview) about an important Haitian comic book project focusing on the aftermath of the catastrophic 2010 Haiti earthquake will resonate for anybody involved in comic books and an interest in real world events.

Even though cartoons are largely associated with fun and entertainment–and this subject is anything but–the vivid, graphic nature of the project and its ability to powerfully convey the tragic events and ongoing recovery efforts makes this genre an invaluable tool for understanding the events.

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The first installment of the project called “Tents Beyond Tents” was published online by the comic book site Cartoon Movement.

The project is spearheaded by Portland, Oregon cartoonist Matt Bors who teamed up with two talented Haiti natives–author Pharés Jerome and artist Chevelin Pierre.

Comics Journalism Editor Matt Bors (Photo: Caroline Bins), Pharés Jerome (Photo: Pharés Jerome), and Chevelin Pierre (Photo: Sandra Cériné)

Marco Werman, host and senior producer of The World, interviews Bors who discusses the genesis of the project, its current goals, and the Haitian comic book community in general.

This graphic approach to understanding one of the most graphic disasters ever witnessed in North America is but one step (and much more needs to be done) in communicating this unimaginable trauma brought to the Haitian people.

Indeed, Graphic Universe is in a prime position to take part in future publishing projects that advance a better understanding of this world event.

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