Starting the New Year with a Smile

I just got a letter (left) from my niece’s oldest daughter, who is five. She got stationery for Christmas and was eager to use it to thank me for sending her some leaf art we had done together earlier this winter so she could put it in the picture book I gave her for Christmas.

Which picture book, you ask? None other than Laura Purdie Salas’s new book with Millbrook, A Leaf Can Be…. (cover, above right).

As we were reading the book together over the holidays, my niece’s daughter exclaimed, “Oh, this book is pretty!” That comment, along with her charming letter, reminds me, yet again, why I love working in book publishing. It’s great to know that my work and that of my colleagues makes a young girl appreciate beauty…and use her new stationery! Gotta love those pink hearts.
Happy New Year!

Check in next week for more from TFCB!

[photo: courtesy of Yours Truly]

3 thoughts on “Starting the New Year with a Smile

  1. laurasalas

    So glad your niece's daughter likes the book–I agree, it is so pretty! Violeta did an amazing job with it.

    And hooray for thank you notes on heart-printed stationery and a 5-year-old's enthusiasm!

  2. Violeta Dabija

    That comment is priceless! There's no better felling than knowing that with my illustrations I am able to reach out and make so many children happy! This makes children's book publishing so rewarding on so many levels!

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