Humor for Librarians

Unshelved is a webcomic by librarian Gene Ambaum and cartoonist Bill Barnes. Book lovers, librarians, and teachers (that is to say, most of Lerner’s audience) will appreciate this light hearted look at every day life at the library. Every Friday their Unshelved Bookclub reviews a variety of books (there are usually a few graphic novels in attendance). Some of their reviews are delivered in cartoon from. It’s a smart approach, and method I hadn’t seen before.

In a recent review (a non-cartoon one, sadly) they took a closer look at the first volume in On the Case with Holmes and Watson, Sherlock Holmes and a Scandal in Bohemia. Gene Ambaum had this to say:

“Why I picked it up: My nine-year-old daughter loves Encyclopedia Brown and the BBC TV show Sherlock, and I was hoping for an adaptation that was accessible and entertaining.

Why I finished it: It’s both. Rohrbach’s drawings are large, simple, pleasant, and nicely colored, and many look like they might have been block printed. And the adaptation keeps a lot of the plot and tone of the original intact.

I’d give it to: My daughter, along with the next two books in the series. She’s really going to enjoy the way Holmes uses disguises and special effects to thwart the blackmailer.”