Checking-In from Digital Book World

Just a quick update this week before I head to my most anticipated DBW panel of the week: What publishing can learn from the romance genre. Ooh la la!

  • Apple’s iBook Author announcement from last week is either old news or inconsequential among industry leaders; it has not been mentioned. NBC’s launch of an interactive e-book publishing division has.
  • Buzzword: Interoperability. One of the current industry challenges is figuring out how to provide content in all formats. Lots of emphasis has been placed on mobile eReading devices. Publishers that can provide more content in more ways are on the right track. Every speaker is quick to point out, however, that success still hinges on quality content.
  • There is a great debate over the future of print books. Are they going away? The children’s book publishers don’t think so. Barnes and Noble agrees. According to B&N, readers love the touch and feel of a hardcover book, and enjoy buying a physical object… they just don’t want to take it to the beach. What do you think? Are eBooks and mobile eReaders only a convenience? Do you prefer digital books over print books for other reasons?
  • Finally, check out, a very neat website that offers a unique writing outlet.

We’re halfway through the conference, and my pride and confidence in what we’re doing at Lerner Digital has never been higher. Many of the challenges, questions, and issues that other publishers are struggling with have already been addressed by us. Our digital products are easy to use, easy to access, and easy to love!

2 thoughts on “Checking-In from Digital Book World

  1. Erin L.

    Thanks for the great update Adriano! All I can say is that when the Zombie Apocolypse happens, I'd rather my survival guide be an actual physical book and not an eBook! I don't think eBooks will ever replace physical books, but who knows what the next 100 years will bring.

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