A Favorite

Sometimes people ask me if I have a favorite among the books I’ve edited. I always tell them no. Asking me to pick a favorite book is a bit like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. All my projects are my babies.

12764Having said that, there’s usually a book or two each season that sticks with me in a particular way. In the Spring 2012 season (not yet here for all of you but long-since passed for we text editors), that book was undoubtedly our Gateway Biography of Steve Jobs (cover pictured).

I grew up with Apple computers. I used them in school from kindergarten on. I learned to type on my Mac at the same time I learned to write. How many of you remember playing Oregon Trail? And naming your party of settlers after your classmates, then shouting to your BFF across the room that she’d just come down with dysentery? I did all that on a Mac.

These memories were very much with me as I edited Steve Jobs. Plus, I was reading the Walter Isaacson tome on Jobs at the same time as I edited, so my morning and evening bus commutes were all about Steve Jobs too. I was immersed.

My takeaway impressions of Jobs? He was a difficult person. A quirky person. But above all, a brilliant person. And he gave me a brand that has been with me my entire life—something I can’t say about too many other brands. I hope our volume does justice to Jobs’s amazing legacy. I encourage you to read it and form your own impressions.

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  1. Tina

    Would be a facinating book to edit! While I used the Macs in school, it wasn't until this time last year that we purchased our first MacBook. We will never go back.

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