School Library Journal Reviews Summer Camp Science Series and Likes It

Last week, School Library Journal (Review) published a stellar review of the first two installments of the new Graphic Universe series “Summer Camp Science Mysteries”, Volume 1: In Search of the Fog Zombie and Volume 2: The Nighttime Cabin Thief. These highly readable science themed titles, written by veteran educational author Linda Beauregard and high school biology teacher Der-Shing Helmer, combine loads of reading fun while learning the fundamental principals of science.

School Library Journal writes, “I did enjoy the Summer Camp Science Mysteries…there is something appealingly earnest about them”. The article continued by calling praise to Helmer’s illustrations by saying, “The characters are distinctive and the settings believable, even when drawn in a clear, easy to follow cartoon style that is pleasingly bright and colorful”.

The SLJ article also spoke well of the book’s multicultural emphasis by saying, “Volume One: In Search of the Fog Zombie is one of the first graphic novels I’ve read in a long time that has four non-white characters on the cover”.

The review concluded with this affirmation: “Schools can happily add these to their roster of educational graphic novel titles, secure in the knowledge that they will likely spark some scientific curiosity in the children who read them.”

And that sentiment is exactly Graphic Universe’s prime objective.