A Little Holiday Reading

I have a special fondness for classic romance comics. It’s a genre that has long since died out, but in its hey day (the late forties though the early fifties) it was HUGE. In 1949 romance comics, comics made for girls and young women, outsold all other genres. It’s a fact that is missing from most comics history texts. Collections of old romance comics are hard to find, so when I stumbled across Agonizing Love I bought myself a xmas present.

In its pages I found these gems:

A classic meddling mother story.

A story about a disabled vet’s who returns home after the war. Can she love a man with a claw?

Among the female comic pioneers who dabbled in romance comics is Lily Renée, whose early life was chronicled in Lily Renee, Escape Artist by Trina Robbins.

For more on romance comics, I recommend From Girls to Grrrlz, also by Trina Robbins.

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  1. Kitty Baker

    Any interest in illustrating in comic book style? I know of a 7-part piece on a musical hero who prevails over inner city decay, which defies all categories. Comic execution might be a bold match.

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