A Ferret’s a Foot Makes Top Ten List in School Library Journal

We are all very proud to announce that a Graphic Universe title from the Guinea Pig Pet Shop Private Eye series, written by Colleen AF Venable and illustrated by Stephanie Yue, was grandly saluted in the December 2011 issue of School Library Journal.

A ferret’s a Foot made the Top 10 Graphic Novel list for 2011. Taking the number five spot School library Journal writes A Ferret’s a Foot is “packed with witty dialogue, off-the-wall humor, and quirky, likable characters, this mystery is bound to appeal to budding primary school sleuths.” This accolade is just one of a handful of noteworthy praises heaped upon the “Guinea Pig” series.

Other high honors for the series that’s populated by lovable pet store animals include a Kirkus Best Books Award, Junior Library Guild selection, and Robot 6/Comic Book Resources proclamation that “Guinea Pig” is “a series of graphic novels that has a Pixar-like ability to appeal to both adults and kids.”

School Library Journal points out that many children’s publishers like Simon & Schuster, Scholastic, and Candlewick have gotten into producing graphic novels. So it’s great to see hard proof of something we all already knew: That Graphic Universe titles are way, way up on people’s lists. And I’m sure this list extends to folks holiday wish lists, too!