MICE is Nice!

Last weekend the Graphic Universe crew (Carrol Burrell, Robyn Chapman, and Colleen AF Venable) packed into a car and made a late night trip to Boston. The next morning we joined GU artists Stephanie Yue, Shelli Paroline, and Zack Giallongo to exhibit at the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo. MICE is a small 1-day comics convention put on by the Boston Comics Roundtable and the Art Institute of Boston.

To check out a slideshow of the event, visit the Art Institute of Boston flickr. If you look closely you’ll spot Carol, Colleen, Stephanie, Robyn, Zack, and Shelli.

Here are some of my favorite things about MICE.

Why aren’t more conventions free? Why should anyone pay admission to go shopping? Sure, there are also panels at conventions, but the exhibition hall is the real draw. Only the initiated will pay to attend a convention, the ones who already know and love comics. It’s refreshing to see a new audience of curious folks.

MICE is a small con in a small space for a small amount of time (one day rather than two). The crowd if friendly, there’s a real sense of community without the bustle and stress of a large show.

This year MICE was held at Lesley University’s Porter Square campus. The building was part college campus, part mall, part Japanese food court. How could I not love it? Especially compared to the boring, sterile convention halls and hotel ballrooms where comic conventions are usually held.

The table fee was low, a ticket on the Fung Wah bus even cheaper.

MICE was a fun show, hope to see you there in 2012!