Fall Is Here

In honor of the fall weather we’ve been having, here are some some autumnal facts from various books in the new Cloverleaf Books Fall’s Here! series.

-Every year, fall begins on September 22 or 23. This day is the fall equinox. On the equinox, day and night are the same length.


-Orchards around the world grow about fifty kinds of apples.

-How old does an apple tree have to be before it starts making apples? Some trees start to grow apples 3 to 5 years after they’re planted.


-Pumpkins need more space than you might expect. Pumpkin vines can grow as long as 30 feet (9 meters)!

-Not all pumpkins are orange. They can also be green, white, blue, or red. But all pumpkins are green when they first start to grow.


-The amount of sunlight and water a leaf gets depends on where the leaf hangs on a tree. So each leaf on a tree may change color and fall at a different time.