A Comics Library Without a Home

Last Friday we battened down the hatches at Graphic Universe’s New York City office, not sure of what the storm had in store for us. I personally gathered a home survival kit which consisted a supply of drinking water, flashlights, batteries, nonperishable food, a deck of cards, and a bottle of wine. In Bushwick, the Brooklyn neighborhood I call home, Hurricane Irene barely registered. It rained continuously for a day, but that was it.

I never imagined the storm would deal such a blow to my former home: Vermont. I watched the flood footage on the news, and recognized it as a place I once called it home. Just 12 miles from my old house, the Quecehee covered bridge disappeared. One of my favorite swimming holes was under there.

I spent five years in the historic village of White River Junction, Vermont. I was the first librarian at The Schulz Library, the home of The Center for Cartoon Studies’s graphic novel collection. The Schulz Library resides (or rather, resided) in a historic firehouse on the banks of the White River.

On Sunday, the river rose rapidly and threatened to flood the library.

The next morning, you can see the aftermath. the high water mark was over 5 feet. A freight car was washed off the nearby train tracks and crashed into the firehouse, destroying a deck support.

But I know what you’re asking–what happened to all those comics? Fortunately, they were located on the second floor. Students and volunteers were able to evacuate every book during the night and following day. The collection is safe, though it’s temporarily without a home.

If you’re feeling generous, you can contribute to the Schulz Library Hurricane Irene Fund. Go to the Schulz Library Blog to learn more.

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