Sally’s Success

I seem to be on a roll these days with posts about fashion and/or former Lerner colleagues. Today is no exception; in fact, it’s a combination of both fashion and a former Lerner colleague!

Sally McGraw (left), former Lerner production editor extraordinaire, has gotten some buzz lately for her popular fashion blog Already Pretty. The Minneapolis StarTribune Style section featured Sally and her blog on June 23, 2011, as an example of a locally created accessible, practical, fun, fashion blog that promotes positive images for women.

Sally’s aim in her blogging is to share ways in which women of all ages can use their love of fashion and style as a route to self-respect and self-love. Along the way, she offers fashion tips on how to dress for your body type, where to find affordable, fun clothes, how to choose a flattering hairstyle, how to shop on eBay, how to retrofit bridal clothing, and much much more.

So for our fashion readers, take a peek at Sally’s blog. And congratulations to Sally!

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[Photo: Courtesy of Mike McGraw]

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