Long May Sasspants Detect!

Fish You Were Here, the fourth volume of Guinea PIG Pet Shop Private Eye, will hit book stores in September.

Kirkus Reviews ran an early review in their July issue. Here’s an excerpt:

“…. Venable and Yue’s Pet Shop Private Eye graphic series continues to charm. Yue’s adorable pet-shop fur (and scale) people are just as expressive as their human counterparts, and Venable’s gentle mystery and delightful, dry humor will extend Sasspant’s fanbase. Includes information on goldfish and plecos, as well as a list of animal-related jobs at the back.

Great graphic tales for young readers and animal lovers; long may Sasspants detect!”

I’ve noticed that a lot of people who read this book are excited by the appearance of a new character: Hans the plecostomus.

Plecostomus, or plecos, originated from South America, just like guinea pigs (no, guinea pigs aren’t from Guinea, nor are they pigs!) Plecos are actually a type of catfish. They’re very popular among fish lovers because they keep aquariums clean by eating the algae. They are sometimes called “sucker fish”, but I think Hans might take offense to this. As you might guess, he’s a lot smarted than the goldfish in his tank.